Senior Level Programmer / Web Developer

Lucas Hardbarger
Newark, Ohio 43055


To use my experience developing business intelligence software in a productive environment that will allow me to use my skills to their fullest potential.

Skills & Technologies

  • C#.NET
  • VB.NET
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • XML & XSLT & XPath
  • Regular Expression
  • HTML & JavaScript (including Ajax)
  • SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005
  • Analysis Services 2000/2005 (including MDX)


Data Dynamics, October 2000 - Present

  • Product Manager (DynamiCube, SharpGrid, ActiveReports, ActiveBar, ActiveSizer, SharpUI for .NET, Data Dynamics Analysis)
    • Responsibilities included researching competitive products and generating list of features including mock up screen shots and detailed requirements.
    • Worked directly with development through the entire lifetime of the product to ensure that the requirements were being met accurately and timely.
    • Assisted documentation staff with technical details to ensure that the features are explained in enough detail and assisted with screenshots and key points of product featureset.
    • Helped train technical support with feature set and answered questions.
    • Role also included demonstrating the feature set to potential clients and company owners during key milestones. Understood the products that I worked with inside and out.
  • Scrum Product Owner (Data Dynamics Analysis)
    • Similar to Product Manager role, I was reponsible for understanding the competition and generating a compelling product backlog.
    • Deep understanding of Business Intelligence Best Practices with a focus in Data Mining techniques and Visual Analysis.
    • Generated user stories for each feature and bug entered to the backlog.
    • Intimate knowledge of each and every item entered into the system.
  • Internal Systems Developer (DDSoftware)
    • Wrote the internal order entry system in Visual Basic 6.0.
    • Application uses object oriented techniques and is still in use today.
    • Every customer, product, and order that get's processed for Data Dynamics is entered into this system.
    • Connects to SQL Server 2000 database and supports multiple concurrent users. 
    • Maintained and executed stored procedures for each aspect of the system.
    • Application processes credit card by use of the PayFlow Pro Library.
  • Web Site Developer (
    • Wrote the entire online store system including shopping cart integration and credit card processing using C#.NET.
    • Integrated VeriSign PayFlow Pro library (fully object oriented approach using C#).
    • Implemented Ajax style HttpResponse calls for rich user experience.
    • Worked directly with a small team of developers and delegated tasks accordingly.
  • Senior Support Technician (DynamiCube, ActiveCube, ActiveBar, SharpGrid, ActiveSizer, SharpUI for .NET, Data Dynamics Analysis)
    • Was lead support technician on all above-mentioned products for a period of time.
    • Corresponded with other developers from all over the world and assisted them with our products.
    • Provided workarounds to customers and coordinated with development team to address defects in our products.
    • Tested builds periodically to ensure that defects were addressed and features were implemented correctly, according to the customers needs.

Contract Developer
, April 2002 - Present
  • FACTory ReportIT -
    • Implemented analysis solution for a successful manufacturing company.
    • Built entire application which supports each aspect of a manufacturing domain.
    • Implemented Object Oriented techniques using Visual Basic 6.0.
    • Analysis solution enables managers to track complex calculations.
  • InfoPlanIT Business Analyzer -
    • Created a full-blown business intelligence solution from the ground up.
    • Self managed feature set and met tight deadlines
    • Extensive use of source control and bug tracking system.

Independent Developer, June 1998 - Present


  • Data Dynamics Analysis Entire Full Development Life Cycle
    • Researched competitive products and documented detailed requirements before product initiation.
    • Organized key milestones and release dates to ensure time-critical features were met and implemented.
    • Demonstrated key feature to company owners, peers, potential clients, and at various exhibits at each phase.
    • Ensured that each aspect of the product was accounted for including Documentation, Quality Assurance, Development, Technical Support, and Marketing.
    • Performed various interviews with large media outlets including .NET Rocks, SSWUG, and others.
  • DynamiCube 3.0 New Features and Full Development Life Cycle
    • Extended calculation engine to support complex summaries at any level within the grid.
    • Included various exports to the API including HTML and Excel and provided enhanced printing capabilities.
    • Improved component API to minimize the amount of external code libraries needed by developers.
    • Generated profit for the company through upgrades from existing and new customer
  • ActiveBar 3.0 New Features and Full Development Life Cycle
    • Delivered complete new look and feel with MS Office 2003, Visual Studio 2005.
    • Extended child bands architecture to include Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane.
    • Implemented compelling features to allow ActiveBar to compete with increasing competition.
    • Generated new sales leads by marketing new features on various marketing sites and media avenues.
  • SharpUI for .NET New Features and Maintenance Life Cycle
    • Extended existing architecture to deliver compelling features that kept product competitive.
    • Worked directly with customers and development to ensure that the features were customer driven.
    • New feature set helped drive additional sales for the product.


  • Bowling Green State University, Fall 1996 - Spring 1997
  • Columbus State Community College, Fall 1997 - Spring 2000
  • Requirements Boot Camp, Dates(?)