Director of Development / Senior Level Programmer / Web Developer

Lucas Hardbarger
Newark, Ohio 43056


More than 20 years programming and application development experience. Large focus on business intelligence and visual analysis concepts.


My mission is to work with clients to deliver solutions which bring all their data into one business intelligence software in a productive environment that will allow me to use my skills to their fullest potential.

Skills & Technologies

  • Proficient in: C#.NET, TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Familiar with: Python, Ruby, Powershell
  • Web Development: ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux / Mac OS

Data Dynamics, October 2000 - Present

  • Product Manager (DynamiCube, SharpGrid, ActiveReports, ActiveBar, ActiveSizer, SharpUI for .NET, Data Dynamics Analysis)
    • Primary responsibilities include researching competitive products and reverse engineering features.
    • Generating mock up screen shots and detailed requirements for development staff.
    • Ensuring that requirements were being met accurately and timely.
    • Assisted documentation and testing departments features are explained in enough detail and assisted with screenshots and key points of product featureset.
    • Helped train technical support with feature set and answered questions.
    • Role also included demonstrating the feature set to potential clients and company owners during key milestones. Understood the products that I worked with inside and out.
  • Scrum Product Owner (Data Dynamics Analysis)
    • Similar to Product Manager role, I was reponsible for understanding the competition and generating a compelling product backlog.
    • Deep understanding of Business Intelligence Best Practices with a focus in Data Mining techniques and Visual Analysis.
    • Generated user stories for each feature and bug entered to the backlog.
    • Intimate knowledge of each and every item entered into the system.
  • Internal Systems Developer (DDSoftware)
    • Wrote the internal order entry system in Visual Basic 6.0.
    • Application uses object oriented techniques and is still in use today.
    • Every customer, product, and order that get's processed for Data Dynamics is entered into this system.
    • Connects to SQL Server 2000 database and supports multiple concurrent users. 
    • Maintained and executed stored procedures for each aspect of the system.
    • Application processes credit card by use of the PayFlow Pro Library.
  • Web Site Developer (
    • Wrote the entire online store system including shopping cart integration and credit card processing using C#.NET.
    • Integrated VeriSign PayFlow Pro library (fully object oriented approach using C#).
    • Implemented Ajax style HttpResponse calls for rich user experience.
    • Worked directly with a small team of developers and delegated tasks accordingly.
  • Senior Support Technician (DynamiCube, ActiveCube, ActiveBar, SharpGrid, ActiveSizer, SharpUI for .NET, Data Dynamics Analysis)
    • Was lead support technician on all above-mentioned products for a period of time.
    • Corresponded with other developers from all over the world and assisted them with our products.
    • Provided workarounds to customers and coordinated with development team to address defects in our products.
    • Tested builds periodically to ensure that defects were addressed and features were implemented correctly, according to the customers needs.

Contract Developer
, April 2002 - Present
  • FACTory ReportIT -
    • Implemented analysis solution for a successful manufacturing company.
    • Built entire application which supports each aspect of a manufacturing domain.
    • Implemented Object Oriented techniques using Visual Basic 6.0.
    • Analysis solution enables managers to track complex calculations.
  • InfoPlanIT Business Analyzer -
    • Created a full-blown business intelligence solution from the ground up.
    • Self managed feature set and met tight deadlines
    • Extensive use of source control and bug tracking system.

Independent Developer, June 1998 - Present


  • Data Dynamics Analysis Entire Full Development Life Cycle
    • Researched competitive products and documented detailed requirements before product initiation.
    • Organized key milestones and release dates to ensure time-critical features were met and implemented.
    • Demonstrated key feature to company owners, peers, potential clients, and at various exhibits at each phase.
    • Ensured that each aspect of the product was accounted for including Documentation, Quality Assurance, Development, Technical Support, and Marketing.
    • Performed various interviews with large media outlets including .NET Rocks, SSWUG, and others.
  • DynamiCube 3.0 New Features and Full Development Life Cycle
    • Extended calculation engine to support complex summaries at any level within the grid.
    • Included various exports to the API including HTML and Excel and provided enhanced printing capabilities.
    • Improved component API to minimize the amount of external code libraries needed by developers.
    • Generated profit for the company through upgrades from existing and new customer
  • ActiveBar 3.0 New Features and Full Development Life Cycle
    • Delivered complete new look and feel with MS Office 2003, Visual Studio 2005.
    • Extended child bands architecture to include Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane.
    • Implemented compelling features to allow ActiveBar to compete with increasing competition.
    • Generated new sales leads by marketing new features on various marketing sites and media avenues.
  • SharpUI for .NET New Features and Maintenance Life Cycle
    • Extended existing architecture to deliver compelling features that kept product competitive.
    • Worked directly with customers and development to ensure that the features were customer driven.
    • New feature set helped drive additional sales for the product.


  • Bowling Green State University, Fall 1996 - Spring 1997
  • Columbus State Community College, Fall 1997 - Spring 2000
  • Requirements Boot Camp, Dates(?)